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IberCup is one of the largest and most International Youth Football Tournaments / Soccer Tournaments around the World. Play against the best Football Academy Clubs / Soccer Academy Clubs in different locations (Europe, Asia and USA).

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The new that everyone was waiting for...

FC Barcelona from Spain has just confirmed their presence in Cascais!

A club that does not need an introduction, with one of the most impressive history in the world and also, one of the best academies. FC Barcelona is another proof of the Elite level at this Tournament, which promises to be a unique experience for its participants! The best teams in the world are at IberCup, are you ready for the challenge?




Another Elite confirmation!

Grêmio FBPA from Brazil has already confirmed its presence in the Tournament IberCup Cascais 2018!

It's one of the best academies in the world! In recent years Grêmio formed many players with quality, and Ronaldinho Gaúcho is a good example of that. Grêmio has just won the Copa Libertadores, a title he reached for the third time, and he is already preparing to play next month the Club World Cup!

Without any doubt, one of the teams most successful this year! Are you ready to face them?


Another confirmation!

SK Slovan Bratislava of Slovakia has already confirmed their presence in IberCup Cascais 2018!

Bratislava be another team to step on the rewards of IberCup! A club with 98 years of history, holder of 16 Slovak First League trophies and with great quality is waiting for you in Esbjerg! It will be his debut in an IberCup tournament. Don´t miss this opportunity to participate and play against teams from all over the World!


One more Elite Team confirmed!

Atletico Madrid from Spain has already confirmed their presence in the Tournament IberCup Cascais 2018!

They reach the final in last Tournament, and now come back to fight for the first place! Atletico is one of the most prestigious European clubs, is the actual Top 2 of UEFA Ranking of Clubs and will be one more Elite team playing on IberCup! Atletico Madrid has attended regularly in IberCup tournaments, and once again you will have the opportunity to face them!


Two great Portuguese confirmations!

Sporting CP and FC Porto have already confirmed their presence at the IberCup 2018 Cascais!

Sporting CP is known to be one of the best European football academies. The club has formed players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Luís Figo, won the Portuguese Premier League 18 times and is present in the Champions League!
FC Porto recognized for their good history in the European competitions, won 2 Champions League, 2 UEFA Europa League and 1 UEFA Super Cup! The club also won the Portuguese First League 27 times. Deco and James Rodriguez have played before in this club.

Two more teams that will increase the competitiveness of IberCup Cascais! Join your team and take part in this challenge!